h4 question?

what h4 mask is it when the shape gets his mask inside vincent drug? it seems the eyes are a lot smaller than the other ones.

Don’t quote me on this, but this is what I heard. The H4 mask, so I’ve been told, is a Kirk. They wanted to bring back the mask from H1 & H2 but couldn’t get it. The mask stopped being a Kirk beginning with H5 because the owners of Star Trek wanted money for using their mask. That’s why the mask from H5 is completely different from H4. Like I said I could be wrong. If anybody out there has any info to either confirm or deny what I’ve just said please let me know because I have been curious about the H4 mask as well.

First of all, use the search feature. I have a 4-5 page thread just on the H4 mask. Second, there is no way the drugstore mask is a Kirk because it has completly wrong eyecuts, sideburns, and hairline. Third, the director of H5 wanted Michael to look “Angry,” because it was his “view” on Michael. Lastly, and I say this again, Use the Search Feature! It is your friend.

~ Jackson

Thanks. I appreciate it.