H6 Director's Theatrical cut comparison.


So there 2 official theatrical cuts (original cut and a Directors cut) to the movie, a TV cut, and the producers cut. Man my head aches just trying to understand all the different versions of this movie now. No wonder people didn’t like the movie. LOL
Don’t get me wrong I enjoy H6 and would love to see all the different version like they did with Blade Runner on DVD, but man it seems like part 6 goes on and on with all the different things they did or wanted to do with this movie. I blame the those ass clowns the Weinsteins/ producers.

There’s also a Producer’s Cut workprint better known as The Rough Cut. I have the Director’s Cut composite which is the theatrical cut mixed with scenes from the Director’s Cut. I wish I could get my hands on a copy that has the bootleg tape playing throughout the whole movie because I hate it when the quality goes from amazing to kind of shitty :laughing:

There is actually 4 cuts to this film. Its sold around in bootleg sites. But i can’t post the link and violate site rules. Just search for it.