Halloween 5 Question?

This is something that has been bothering me. What is that stupid noise you here everytime you see those idiot cops? It sounds like a squeeky toy or something. Was the makers of the movie trying to be funny because it really gets on my nerves. I think this is the main reason I don’t watch H5 very often.

I know what you mean bro. I hate when a film maker makes his intentions so obvious. I don’t think without those sound effects that people wouldn’t have known they were meant for comedy. I still like H5 a great deal but those type of things take away from my enjoyment a bit.

It was the director that gave H5 most of the questionable scenes in the movie including the clown cops. He was also the one that came up with the tattoo and the man in black for the movie and admittingly had no idea what the tattoo or the man in black were suppose to be or what the future story was going to be for them when he put then in the movie. Now, i actually dont mind that the thorn story line came out of it in part 6, but just shows you what kind of director there was for part 5 when he was coming up ideas and characters without any idea of what they would do for the story.