Halloween Countdown Thread *POST YOUR COSTUMES*

Exactly 44 DAYS and 23 HOURS

I will be updating this thread until Oct. 31rst

Post your costumes for this year and let’s count down the days and hours till our favorite Holiday :wink: :rock:
If you don’t have pictures then just say what you are going to be and what you are wearing :supz: :partyman: :rock:


I am (if I get my mask from the green room in time) goin as H2 Myers with my vintage roebuck coveralls done up by Jim
If I dont have my H2 mask ready by then I am goin as Brian Austin Green from laid to rest 2 :wink: :supz:

I’m going as RZH2 Myers, from the opening hospital scene. I modified my Don Post mask to match the look, and created a prop fire axe. The coveralls aren’t Carhartts, but they’re close enough haha

Edward if you go as Preston from LTR 2 you might as well fly yourself down to California and rock with ChromeSkull son!

I LOVE these kinds of threads.

Cool costumes everyone!

I think I am going to be Part 3 Jason. Here is what I have so far. :sunglasses:

CAN’T WAIT!!! :smiley:

Currently it is




Nothing I would love to do more than post tons of pics of me in my costume. But sadly the mask I’m using hasn’t come in yet. Lovin’ these costumes guys.

I love threads like this! This year it’s Nightmare 1 Freddy. Just waitiing on my DMC part 1 sweater then it will be perfect.

I’d planned on doing an H2 costume this year, but not sure it’s gonna happen :confused:

Why not?

Rocking the TCM costume this year waiting on my Silicone Eric to get finished and fixing up some other stuff.


H2 this year:

I made this costume and eventually it will be a life-size. The mask is a Tommy by Addison. The chainsaw I picked up at a halloween store and repainted it to look more screen accurate. I hope you guys dig it, This has been a work in progress for months.
If you ring my doorbell on Halloween be prepared to meet Thomas Hewitt. :laughing:

:rock: Nice bro. Keep this thread alive guy’s :wink: ONLY


Thanks man. Yeah, let’s see pics fellas.

If you don’t mind me asking…who’s making you a silicone Eric? Only two I know that even make an Eric mask were Josh Russell and he’s now gone to the darkside and took everyones hard earned money with him…then you have Addison who I hear owes alot of people stuff and from my understanding he has never even produced a silicone Eric only the latex ones. You getting one second hand? if so, who’s the maker? Sorry don’t mean to be nosey just curious. The costume looks great man! I did the beginning costume in 2008 for Halloween with my silicone Eric mask from Josh Russell and also had him make me up the suit as well and I got some great scares that year…can’t wait to see your complete get up!