Halloween Fans in West Virginia

Hello all,

If you’ve been a member of this forum for a very long time you might remember me. If you’ve joined since 2006 or so, you probably don’t. I was once super active here and on Nightowl. Although my user name and password didn’t work, so I re-registered under my old name. I just wanted to drop by and tell anyone who lives in the WV area that I convinced our local theater, the Elk Theatre, to show John Carpenter’s Halloween this October. It will play October 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st. 7 PM each night. $5 a person for admission. If you live in this area getting the opportunity to watch Halloween on the big screen is a rare treat, and I didn’t want anyone to miss out.

Elk Theatre
192 Main Street
Sutton, WV 26601

Here’s a facebook event page I made for it if you’re interested:

Hey thanks a lot buddy! I’m moving to Pennsylvania sometime this month and WV is right under us. If I have those days off, we will make a road trip out of it so my daughter can see the OG on the big screen! :drinkers: :rock: :rock:

I hope to see you there!

Its also playing in Pittsburgh Pa as well, which will be 40 miles away from relocating. Gonna wear my Benny Creep overhaul to this one!! :drinkers: