Carved this yesterday. Hope you all like. Thought I would share it before it goes for sale. This is going to probably be a one of one. It will play some Halloween III soundtrack goodness. Video to come soon.
Pumpkin started a light orange. I laid out the cut marks.

Then I painted and weathered the pumpkin and stem.
Off to final processing.
Carving and layering of the pumpkin flesh.

Oh wow, Mathew. That looks great!!!

The image on that pumpkin is MONEY! Good job, Matt :drinkers:

Great job!! I like how you used an artificial pumpkin too. You’ll Have it for ever.


Thanks fellas. I appreciate the kind words and yes it will last forever.

A work of art my friend.

YOU my friend are a REAL CARVER! :myers: :pumpkin: Outstanding incredible job Matt! :rock: :myers:

Thank you very much

Man this thing is unbelievable. Hreat job bud. Cant wait to see the video of it

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That is just awesome, you’ve inspire me to start carving pumpkins early. :pumpkin: :smiley:

G… DAMN, Matt! Incredible!!! :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: Bob

Absolutely Amazing Matt! :rock: :rock: :rock: Bob

Awesome work, as always.

That is really cool, also nice pic it looks vintage :slight_smile:

That is FANTASTIC Strangler! You keep raising the bar on what can be done with these.

Whoaaaa! That is so rad! Freaking FANTASTIC job on that, dude! Agreed with all, your talent with a Jack O Lantern is top notch! :myers:


Won’t last forever.
I’ll smash that fuck-er right after toilet papering your house for handing out toothbrushes.

Cheers ginger hahahahahaha

Great to see you posting Matt :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
That’s some of your best work right there!
H3 forever :pumpkin: :pumpkin: :pumpkin: