HALLOWEEN Pickup Covers for you guitar

I made this in SolidWorks! Pretty cool what I can do with this software

Dude! I’ve got an empty hole right in the center of all four of my RGs for a single coil that I don’t even use (even took out the five-way selector & replaced it w/ a 3-way that only controls bridge & neck pickup.) I’d want at least four of those to go in my axes because there’s just a hole sitting there - I’ll get some measurements if you need 'em, I’d seriously like to get some of these when I’m back on my feet here soon :rock:

Sounds good to me! Send me the details Sir

Jon, I think you’re having way too much fun with this…


That will be cool for my ibanez rg. it comes 1 bridge hum and neck hum. and a Floyd rose lic tremolo (not the original)