Halloween Pumpkin decoration

Does anyone know where I can find this replica of the “Halloween” pumpkin?

love it perfect h1 intro pumpkin

I believe that’s made by KreationX if I’m not mistaken…

Matthew Mayhem also carves up some beauties… PM him for more info.

Certainly not. It’s one by Matthew Mayhem. Most any foam pumpkin seen around here was done by him.

That is my pic from this thread: http://www.michael-myers.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=74766&start=0

Matthew Mayhem made that pumpkin.

Awesome. Thanks for the replies guys! I’m so happy to have found a great site for fans alike to talk to about anything Halloween.


I actually bought a few foam pumpkins the other day and would gladly do one up for ya. Let me know if youre interested, brotha!