Halloween UHD+Blu ray combo from SF UPDATE:Cover art revealed

Things that make you go hmmm…?
Thought Lionsgate owned the rights. Before that it was Anchor Bay. The box set was a collabo with AB and Scream Fac. Btw the recent H1 UHD wasn’t from the negatives but was scanned from an interpositive. If it isn’t directly from the negs and doesn’t contain the Billy Kirkus B-roll footage then it’s an easy pass.

In addition to 1, 2-4 are coming to UHD as well!

Awesome! Are there any new features on them?

Cool! Glad to hear this :rock:

No info yet. Fingers crossed!

You got links/sources for this? Now I’m excited, Halloween 1978 is already on UHD, but now that you’re saying H2-4 are I’m interested.

Wait is Halloween 1978 UHD another transfer that’s being done by Dean Cundey.




I agree, But you know I highly doubt it will ever see the light of day! So I’ll take an H5 with the swat team scene that’d be cool!

Good I skipped out on that 2018 steelbook for II and III, wasn’t even true 4k I think.

Hopefully those deleted scenes from Halloween 4 can be found and put on this release.

It was actually Halloween 5 for which they had made an active search for deleted scenes. Though Halloween 4 has a tiny bit of deleted material as well that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Also… those lost outtakes from the original aren’t getting any younger.

I know they looked for and found those Halloween 5 scenes, but I’m hoping this release means they will make the effort to find the lost Halloween 4 material. I know there wasn’t much but it would be interesting to see the Jamie and Rachel ice cream scene, the mechanics death, as well as the extended journey down to the basement of Ridgemont, where the camera pans into the cells.

Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

I really want to see the Swat team slaughter, cause from what Don Shanks explained about it, makes the H5 film much more watchable for me, also there should be a version of H5, with the original opening and the Swat team put into the final cut

No serious negotiations from Shout Factory/Scream Factory was made about the 9 hours of footage so none of it made the disc. Besides that, Malek has final say about it anyway and he doesn’t want anyone to see it.

Why doesn’t he want anyone to see it?

Has Malek not even asked about the footage?

The cover designs have been released

Holy shit those are awful! Looks like I’ll be keeping my steelbooks and replacing the discs.

Disappointed it’s Scream Fac.
Wish the negatives would all go to Don at Synapse or Blue Underground.
They do the best work to be honest.
Big companies such as Scream and Arrow tend to rush things and their picture quality could suck really bad at times.

Actually there are at least two steelbooks for 2018, there is a second one by Todd McFarlane I have as well. I heard there may be a third but I’ve never seen it.