Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Have a great Tday :myers:
I am thankful for many things, my beautiful and supporting wife and my fantastic little girl and my miracle little boy Max! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
And for having this board :rock: a home for all us Halloween mask fanatics!
Be safe everbody!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m grateful to Almighty God for not lacking anything and having a loving immediate family :rock: Happy Thanksgiving to you and your fam as well fellow sheepdog Don :smiley: :drinkers:

Thankful for my health, mental and physical, and my family!

Someone should dress up as Michael and carve the turkey :smiling_imp:

Have a great day everyone. :slight_smile: :myers:

Thankful for being given the greatest dog I could have ever asked for.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :smiley:

Hear, hear! :drinkers:

Happy Thanksgiving, hope the you all have a nice day with your familys! :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I’m thankful for an awesome day spent in the awesome city of Chicago with my awesome family, watching the Chicago Bears squish some cheese!

Hey Chad speaking of man’s best friend, we received one of my best friend’s Wanderlei Silva’s pups from his Brazilian blue litter before we left Vegas. I cannot describe the looks on people’s faces when we walk this guy :laughing:
Thankful for Max #1!