Help me pick a mask

I am looking for the ultimate H1 mask. I know there might be some other contenders but I have pretty much narrowed it down to a converted Shat or a NAG 75 or 98. I really like the work of Loper and JC but I can’t reach either of them (I know they are very busy). A member reached out to me that had a JC shat but it was out of my price range. Another member is selling a 75k by Loper but the size is the only thing holding me back on that one (it’s a 23”). I have another 23” mask and it is even small on my noggin. There is also a mask by JC up for sale but it’s got more of the H2 look. It’s cool but I’m just a much bigger fan of the ghostly clean H1 mask. I think my budget would be $500-$700 at the most. I think that seems like a lot for a rubber mask (or maybe it’s not For what I’m looking for) but I want the best and I just want one really good one instead of buying a bunch that I’m not completely satisfied with.


Get the Dead Ringer by Handiboy, or a DIY H1 by Martin Pena, in my opinion

:bulb: :blush: :unamused: Bro - Have you not seen the classifieds here? I literally spent 5 minutes and already have 4-5 possible H1’s finished by JC etc… Also there over a half dozen cool H78 on ebay

That is plenty of money to get something brilliant. Go to the gallery here and look at H1 masks to make sure of what you want. Then between the classifieds here and ebay, search “Myers masks” on ebay, you should be able to find half a dozen great choices. The trick is to take your time and wait for the one that knocks you out. Good luck

23" was too small on me as well so I decided to get something at least 24" and one mask that I know is at least that size is the 75k new mold. I asked nik what size he made those before purchasing and he said only one size and it’s 24". So I bought one and it did fit much better than others. Old mold I’m not sure about though

Nag 75k old mold, 98 proto and Shat are one of the best display masks imo, but if you prefer wearing your mask i would go for a MMK, Nightmare or a 2k. Not that you cant look good in a 75k or a 98 proto, but those masks are more accurate to the original mask so your head need to be similar to Castle. The Nightmare and MMK (not sure which version) have a very nice Castle stretch build into them, which makes almost everyone look like a good H1 Myers. At least thats what ive seen over the years when people have posted worn pictures. Same goes with the 2k, but that is an expensive and rare mask. Then you have the 75k Castle which is a little bit of both worlds.

Those are all 3 excellent options, which one you go with is ultimately up to you though. I agree the NAG 75k Castle is probably the best of those 3 if you want the Castle stretch.