HmH Jacket score!!!!

Donnie you did a great job on this, I love it!

this goes great with the crew jacket you made me a few years ago

thanks again bro!

thanks for looking!

Nice jacket. :slight_smile:

Cool jacket indeed looks screen used.


Sweet, congrats John! :drinkers:

I LOVE the jackets man, one thing I always wanted!

Congradulations bro…VERY cool score. :rock:

Sweet score man! I have 3 of em, and they are fantastic! Donnie really did a great job with them! :sunglasses: :rock:

This is something I have to get someday, I hope I can get a size 52, lol. Awesome score Johnny Bisco, looks totally Fresh. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY

You can’t beat a Jacket from Donnie D !!! Incredible score. Mike :rock: :rock:

Thanks guys!

Now i have to fight with my girlfriend over who gets to wear it :laughing:

Great jacket! I saw someone wearing one at MM20 and I was like :astonished:. Pure awesomeness right there!


there is one piece of clothing you can certainly wear and enjoy… great score man

I am so glad you dig the jacket, Johnny. Wear it proudly!

Nice pick up! I have one of those myself. :rock:

“Donnie really goes the extra step to make them spark envy in the eye of every neighbor. Useful for countless projects and situations, these jackets will keep you warm and looking good whether you’re out on the town or just chilling in your living room on a rainy day.” -satisfied customer

Really Cool HmH Jacket bro,Great work Donnie,Congrats man. :drinkers: :rock:

i wear mine everywere i go its broken in realy good.

Love DD’s HMH jackets :smiling_imp:
Big congrats Johnny :drinkers:
Someday Donnie…Someday :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

That thing is B O S S. Killer score, Johnny B. \M/

That is a fantastic pick-up,man!!

Donnie does great work on these jackets.

Congrats on the new score :drinkers:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: I’m so going to be broke in a matter of no time :mrgreen: Fantastic score!