how much do screen mask go for ???

if any of mask from one of the movies come up for sale or auction what do they go for ?

we cant bey sell or trade myers mask on the site your best bet is ebay sorry

i guess what im trying to say is if one came up for sale on ebay or at an auction house what would be a ballpark price ?

Many of them have popped up for sale from time to time. Prices usually range from $10k - $20k, depending but occasionally a steal for $5k can be found.


can anyone say, Trancas?

Go easy guys, he’s only asking about the screen used hero masks. Seems alright for everyone else to talk about it. Not like he’s asking the Taboo subject.

yeah, i think its ok to talk about heros isnt it?

Hi there, well a few jears ago prices were really down for some reason, saw h20 winston and h6 sell for around 3K …maybe due to fact prop collectings is becoming more attention & famous and so more and more rich guys jump on the wagon for investment reason so prices today get heigher…for the moment !!!
its always up and down !!!
Got my h20 Knb screenused for moderate almost 4K and got a h6 & h20m winston offered many months ago for 7,5K each… passed on these!!!
On auctions you can get it sometimes cheap for sure !!!a resurretcion burned mask sold for around 2,5K last summer !!!
You must know that many masks beeing sold are only stunt masks or backup production made only too !!!
a RZ myers would go fo …i guess abround 10K as its very wanted now !!! I was into a bidding for one of the 3 real screenused TCM 2003 remake maske worn on set and was highly outbid at 15K …i simply could not see that kind of cash having any investement potential anymore but you see its worth what somebody else is able to pay or can pay !!!