How much money have you spent on Halloween memorbilia?

In your Halloween/Horror movie collection, how much money have you spent on it?

To much

Considering I’ve been collecting movies for over 20 years, on various formats. like Beta/VHS, LAserdisc and DVD, and now BluRay - I’d have to say thousands. And most of that went to my copies of JAWS and PHANTASM on Laserdisc many many years ago…

:cry: :smiley:

Way too much, I’ve gone without food on some occasions to get what I was then after.

Yeah… Words couldn’t even describe how much I’m sure all of us have spent.
But in the end, it’s what makes us as collectors happy.

I could never disclose an amount publicly because it is sheer insanity :open_mouth: Let’s just say it is really way too much.I am thrilled with my collection,but I have taken it to the extreme by all means.

i have sold things to get myers that should have never been touched…for the hobby in general i jus started collecting masks in like 07 but i have had countless other myers memoriblia…i would say thousands for me to actually answer the question

I have sold musical equipment,namely an Ampeg solid state SS-150 that is rare as hell and I still kick myself for selling.I have sold almost all of my Star Wars collectibles except 4 Force FX lightsabers and more.All of that and the number that is out of pocket is STILL thousands…but many thousands :frowning:

More than I could of ever imagined!!! But they are worth it and you only live once!!! :mrgreen:

lol yeah im talkin like maybe 10 or 20 g’s…your deff talkin in the hundreds bro LOL…that is some dedication…i know star wars items are ANYTHING but cheap

Actually man,not in the hundreds at all.Believe it or not,I didn’t have a ton of collectible Star Wars stuff.I probably sold off like $1000-$2000 in Star Wars stuff.However,the 10-20K ballparked it :rolleyes:

hmmm this makes me think…maybe i have spent far less on myers than i thought…im gonna say 5 g’s for me…cause u seem like u have gone through a shat load an done it all with the highest end of myers…i havent yet…that being said i 20 g’s is ALOT

Yeah,in masks alone I have 43 right now :blush:

i have no idea but it thousands defernatly a lot of money and only been collecting 4 year i enjoy getting new masks and stuff tho so it all worth it in the end lol :rock:

man randy you have that many brother, when ever you feel you want to help a collector that has only 5 masks feel freee to ship em to me brother haha…

ill be the first to show a real number

the amount of all my horror sh*t is around 3 grand, but im sure thats peanuts to some

Nothing to be ashamed of brother. I only have 5 :blush: I wish I had 43. :stuck_out_tongue: