How's everyones spooky day?

Hello everyone just wanted to see how everyone is doing!

I’m ok. How you doing?

Doing okay brother little hung over !! Lol getting ready to go to a party!!

It’s a quarter till one a.m.
Saturday evening was a J.L.C. night.
Just watched “A Fish called Wanda” and “Resurrection” back to back with my wife.
First time she ever saw them.
She did like the first and laughed a lot.
The second…
She’s not a horror lover, but since a few months, it started to grow on her. She’s now thinking people are truly scared because they over-think about it, and she’s finding movies less and less scary every week.
Anyway, the conclusion was the same for both of us : H8 is lame.
Even H5 and H6 are better (just my own taste, of course).
I thought it was pitiful while watching it at the movies back in 2002.
It seems even worse eighteen years later.
The story, the way they “brought” The Shape back from the grave, the death of Laurie, even the music…
And don’t even get me started on Busta Rhymes and his kung fu… Putain…

I don’t care : I’ll always love H1, H2, H4, H20 and H2018 (and she did like them too, so…)
But THAT is an ugly spot, like Trish Murtaugh used to say to her husband.