HSS h2 Standard

Hey , does anyone own an HSS h2 Standard? (revolver) or an HSS h2 Bloody Revolver? I was wondering if you guys could post some pictures of the HSS rz H2 Pictures on this thread, and i’d like to know if they are good masks. Thank you alot! :smiley:

I am very new to this site too by the way.


That looks amazing. Do you know when mine should be here? i ordered on the 18th,
idk, but i am so excited to get mine.

Nevermind, you answered my question! thank you sam, im real excited and will be waiting everyday till it gets here, thank you.


Here you go!

-Big D

heres a quick shot of my standard w/blood. Ill take pics next week when my other hss masks arrive

Thanks guys! I am directing a Halloween fan film(rob zombie styled) and im just trying to get the costume together and finding someone tall enough, aha. I am SUPER excited to get my mask. Does the hair like naturally come lose like that? it looks awesome.

that is sick, especially the revolver! might get one soon! :smiley:

i really would like one of those! :smiley: that is great :smiley: