My NEW hospital sequence mask It is a THINNER pull & I LOVE it!!

-Big D

F***ing beast, D! Costume shots man?

Thank you Matt! VERY soon with costume shots…

-Big Mane D

Awesome mask D. I really wanted to pick up one of these during Sams Black Friday sale!!!.. but I had to work. :imp:

Fantastic boi…pure class…

Thank you guys!!

-Big D

Big D you wear those RZ Mask well bro… Congrats bro thats one sweet mask you have there.

Looks great - can’t wait to see more pics :drinkers:

I gotta admit, the way the hair is parted like that, and the color of the skin, it kinda looks like a zombie mask.

dang you got a nice mask there

Thank you!!

Very nice D! Gotta love Sam’s H2’s. I owned the proto Hospital mask and I miss it. I think Sams’s H2 is so accurate it’s scary.
Is this the one you ordered on black friday?

:open_mouth: Awesome as always David! Looks great on you!

Scott?? What does Scott have to do with that mask?

Must think it was a Buried when it says HSS???

HSS is Horror Sanctum Studios. Scott was Quiet on the Set. Scott has nothing to do with HSS beyond being a friend of mine.

Probably just got the names mixed up. I think that he means Sam.

The man speaks the truth.

wow, that is THE PERFECT h2 in my eyes! i want one lol! might get one around xmas! :smiley: