Humidity levels for masks

I’m just looking for specific info on suggested humidity levels for storing masks. Any information is appreciated. Located in Texas where humidity levels can fluctuate a bit, thanks.

This is just my attempt at an answer with the knowledge I know about latex. The most important thing is UV light, keep them in the dark. That above all.

However Id imagine a good middle of the road for humidity would be just fine Id guess that 45-60% would be just fine and maybe even ideal without too much fluctuation outside of those numbers. Im also a gun guy and I like to keep my masks in the same room as my gun safe and its about 70-73 in there and I keep it at 50-55% humidity

Extreme temps, sun and very high humidity is all bad for latex. I keep mine in a room that has no sunlight, usually 60-70 degrees, and 35-55% humidity generally.