I M P O R T A N T: Do these belong to anybody?--PLEAE READ!!

I feel like I’ve seen this image on here before:

It may be a mistake, or a false alarm, but just to be sure. They look too good to be by some random person that may or may not be on this site.
I found this while wasting time on the web, on this site: http://www.ecrater.com/p/9342271/michael-myers-halloween-mask#
The seller is by the name of halloweenmasks, price is lower than it should be, feedback on this person isn’t available, shipping is free, and he accepts cash for payment, hmmm. What do you guys think?

The third mask is the “31” by Poison Workshop.

This guy is on Craigslist in like every state. :laughing:
Third one is deff 31.

this is cszmajlos listings…Like said above its all over craigslist.