I was feeling very H1 today

Don’t know what came over me today maybe it could of been the heatwave we’re getting in the UK right now…but i came over with the H1 vibe for some reason so i thought i’d throw a little display together nothing too special yunno oh and i even threw in an old school VHS copy of Halloween just for good measure,hope you enjoy it Guy’s :slight_smile:

You won’t see my masks in sunlight ever usually but just had to capture the mask with that Beautiful clear Blue sky today :slight_smile:

Cool shots Anth!
I don’t know why but that little Michael clown figure always gives me the giggles lol.
I have no idea why what’s up with this heat today, feels so uncomfortable to work in, I ran out of energy after my lunch break. Sunlight is good for myers mask :wink: brings out all the detail in shots.

Your absolutely right Jay" the sunlight captures so much more…its a shame he can’t bask in the sunshine more often :wink:
but yeah pretty extreme heat we’re getting these last couple days but yunno how it is here for us brits Enjoy while its there i say Man Thanks for the kind comments my Friend :drinkers:

great display! love the set up! I have NEVER seen that VHS before, thank you for posting it! very cool cover. i always loved that shot of him at the top of the stairs!

that mask KILLS! the hair on that is so H1 it is PERFECT! love the white in this one, too!

Looking good Anthony my man! I always enjoy looking at your shots :rock:
Thanks for sharing!!
Nick :drinkers:

Nice diaplay!!!

Good stuff brother. The display looks great.

Nice shots man… :open_mouth:

Thanks Jf5550", Nick good bro", Vader",Ryan good bro", Halloween 1978",Glad you all dig the lil setup and shots :smiley: :drinkers:

I’ll drink to that.

GREAT SHOTS ANTH!!! The Outdoor shot is a Killer!! :open_mouth:

Thanks Man.

Great stuff anthony, love the contrast to the pics.

Thanks a lot Simon" glad to see you like the style my friend :smiley:

I’ve always loved the cover of the UK VHS :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Nice diplay pics Anthony :drinkers:

Thanks Brother K", :smiley: well i picked this video up back in 94" when it was new and its still in tip top condition and from what i can gather the cover shot must be pretty rare im not to sure :confused: But thanks again my Friend for the kind words :drinkers: