Ok I know I put stuff up about my kid and not my mask sorry to the people bother.
Noxx was born but he is in the nic u I know he is on a breathing machine and I’m sitting here waitin to hear something so I need to vent before I flip out I am so scared.I feel helpless sorry for this post my head is everywhere if I don’t make since

I say let it out, and dont be sorry! Hell your children are way more important then fucking masks or talking about masks.

I hope everthing starts turning bright for little Noxx!

Congrats as well!

If you’re a spiritual person, pray for help and guidance. There’s nothing like family and friends to help get you through these tough times. I hope all goes well.

Theres nothing wrong with venting, I hope everything works out for you. .tom.

Venting is always ok! Keep your chin up man!!! It’ll be fine! :frowning: :slight_smile:

Kirk, everyone here on is pulling for little Noxx. My prayers are with him.

Thanks, for letting my wine as I was told .its just easier to talk to yall than the people around me sometimes.and i hope you (and you know who you are) everyone else this helps more than yall know thanks kirk mataya

I’ve been praying all day buddy.

I really hope everything all works out.

Brother there is no shamin letting it out. We are all here for you man.

Hey Bro, Vent, Thats what were here for. My Prayers are with You! God Bless! Bob

Prayers & positive vibes constantly headed your way. And, as stated above, children are FAR more important than masks - let it out; scream, cry, etc. You’ve got a lot of people here wishing lil’ Noxx all the best.

Little Noxx is in my prayers brother!


I am sending out as many good vibes and prayers as I can my brotha. You hang in there, be strong and KNOW that your child will be fine and very soon you will be holding him in your arms and tucking him into bed for years to come.
Hang in there and God Bless.

Always come here when you need to talk,bro.We are all pulling for your little boy and I am keeping him in my heart.

Hang in there buddy and feel free to vent to us at any time.We are a family here.

All my best.


My daughter was in NICU for 2 weeks. She was 6 weeks early. I feel for ya Bud, give us an update when you hear something. Im sure he will be fine.

yes indeed we are all a family here, anytime you need to express the way you feel please come here anytime its always better to talk than keep things bottled up inside but try not to worry yourself as im %100 sure everythings going to turn out great for you and your going to have endless years of happiness with your new boy please trust me on this and may peace be with you always,now please try to just take it easy i send all my best wishes to you and your little one-


Little Noxx will be in my prayers pal

God Bless u and ur child man. I’m praying for your child 100% tonight. Congratz and hope everything turns out good man. :rock:

Im very sorry to hear that man God bless you and your child and your son is in my prayers bud!

I know I’m new and all but stories like this always hit me… I’ll be praying for you and your family, man… I hope your child pulls through. God bless.