In 1978 there was this MAN who was a NIGHTMARE

Hey Folks,

I don’t post often as I should these days, but today I thought I’d take some NEW shots of my Holy Grail.
All I can say is when you get JC and Justin together the BEST things will happen and dreams will come true.

I just love everything about the NMM78, has everything to make my perfect H1.
None of these pictures have been edited in anyway, this mask is perfect in my eyes and does everything it needs to take decent pics.

Hope you like them guys, lord knows I had a great time snaping them.


The crisp images here really show all those beautiful details off well my friend :wink: :slight_smile: Super copy of the NMM78 :rock:

That’s beautiful Jay!!! :drinkers: :rock:

It’s been said twice already. Beautiful.

Friggin awesome stuff! Love it!

Absolutely marvelous! :drinkers:

A very stunning mask, I wish I had one of these bad boy’s…Dean

that is just awesome man! Congrats :rock: :rock: :drinkers:


Great pics of a fantastic mask! :drinkers:

holy balls that is one awesome piece of latex and yes the justin james combo can not be topped. beautiful, simply put…beautiful.

subliminal message…sell…it…to…me…


Good to see you around Jay! :rock: The pics are nice my man and glad to see you enjoying it! :drinkers:

You are a lucky man, Jay. Can’t begin to imagine what I’d give for that. James did an outstanding job.

Nice pics.

Hey Jay that NM78 looks great man! I really love my NM78R that James redid for me. Such a great candidate for H1. :sunglasses:

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Great looking mask,awesome outdoor pics too :rock:

wow Jason, that mask is simply beautiful! killer shots as well. :rock:

Thanks for the great comments guys! :smiley:
This is one mask I can see sitting on my shelf for many yrs to come.

subliminal reply…no…bloody…way… :laughing:

Nice mask.

Such a beautiful mask Jay! Great pics!