Indirect sunlight

My question is… can you display a mask out of a case in the open air of a room in indirect sunlight as long as it isn’t impacted by direct sunlight for the entire time of ownership without negative impacts on the mask latex?

Well you can’t really avoid all uv light. Just keep it in a place that doesn’t have sunlight beaming in and it should be fine.

Honestly, I think we are all a bit too careful (which is fine, lol). I know people who own masks that have been treated like crap, and they’re still just fine all these years later.

I think latex quality is another part of it. A mask made with crappy latex won’t last half as long as a mask made with quality latex. Heck, some of the Kenner dinosaur action figures they put out in the '90s with their Jurassic Park toy lines had a latex skin on them they advertised as “reel feel dino skin”. Almost 30 years later the latex on those toys is as supple and strong as the day it was poured.