Instagram for my Myers collection?

I usually just post my masks and stuff in here as I never use my Instagram account to show off my masks and the rest of my collection. I don’t do that because a lot of people I went to school with and people in my area follow me and I don’t necessarily want them to know what I have lol. I think it’d be cool to start a page for other fans/collectors to follow where I show my collection. What do you guys think?

Let me know your thoughts on this and if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable about showing off your high end masks. I know I’m probably being crazy because most people don’t know the worth of these masks but I have had my house broken into before so I don’t like giving the public a sneak peak of what I’ve got. But if I have a separate page where I just post masks and don’t have my actual name tied to it I should be fine.

TL;DR Sorry that was long. Venting about being nervous to show my collection on my personal Instagram and contemplating making a dedicated page.

Everyone thought I was weird for collecting masks but after some time they didn’t seem to mind and actually encouraged it since I would make money off of doing rehauls.

Yeah I get that. I don’t tell people too often that I collect masks. When I do they’re like “oh… that’s cool!” But you can tell they don’t fully understand it.

I just made an account btw @fcc_masks

I tell people that I collect vintage and vintage-inspired Halloween masks. People seem to understand better that something is more collectible when it’s vintage.

True. My dilemma isn’t really worrying about what people will think about my hobby. It’s that I’m introverted and don’t really like showing off my expensive things to people around me. My house was broken into when I was in high school and a lot of my stuff was stolen and destroyed so that left a huge scar. We don’t know who did it to this day but that’s my issue I was having lol. I did end up making an account tho. I feel better that it’s not linked to my personal account and my name isn’t on it and it’s more anonymous. People around me know I collect horror stuff and that’s fine. just knowing the total value of everything I own scares me because idk what id if someone robbed me you know?

I made a dedicated instagram page, just to show my cosplay