which myers masks would you guys consider to be a good investment? I dont mind paying for something that i enjoy but it would be a nice bonus if they were worth something.

i don’t think collecting is about this man! i think you are asking a very bizarre question! mask collecting or any type of collecting for that matter is due to personal taste! i think there are far too many masks for us to name right here! the key is to keep your eyes pealed for masks that suit you! alot of masks can be good investments if you are thinking of profit i guess! just look around! :wink:

i second that!


if you were worried about mask value try to find a ken herlien but that is not gonna happen, they will always sell for what you sink into it 1200-1500

its not that im buying them just to sell them again, i just want to be sure that what i buy is worth it since i dont have a whole lot of money. If i came accross as a bit of an irish ass im sorry i didn’t mean to put down the hobby and if i insulted anybody im sorry.

It’s a fickle hobby. At one moment your mask may be worth more in value (hyped)… and within a few months it could drop in value.
A lot of it depends on the copy of the mask, especially when it’s converted w/ specific eye cuts,paintwork, hair, etc.
And a lot of it depends on how limited the run is and the overall demand of the mask.
There was one time when I sold a mask for about 4 times what I paid and many other times where I took a big hit (losing money).
The masks that seem to hold their value or appreciate nowadays are the original 4 stamp NMM’s, the DB2’s, and the NAG 2K’s.
There are quite a bit more, but it’s all in the eye of the beholder to e honest. Just don’t let hype persuade you.
Use good judgment and look for masks that are extremely accurate in your eyes. Usually if JC or AHG convert the mask,
collectors want them.

thanks for the advice much appreciated.

no no, i wasn’t offended! i was just telling it how it is, it is due to personal preference! you are the only person who notices your likes and dislikes! so i say check ebay and if there are masks you like which are affordable for you, get it man!!! hope to see a “new score” thread from you soon :rock:

im waiting on my first psycho and im pretty excited about it.

A psycho is definitely a good investment if it is finished right.

I would like jc to finish it but its just a little risky sending stuff from ireland to the us, if i lost my first psycho i would be pretty upset.

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Some great advice from everyone.

Perfectly said…Thats exactly how it is my man :sunglasses: :rock:

Hey guys, in Ireland when we say “a good investment” it literally means something worth spending your hard earned cash on.

Again as already pointed out Mask collecting is a very personal hobby. You could look at a mask and see Carpenters “Halloween” all over it but then someone else might not see it quite so much. It’s all about perception. Simply put it’s just like when You find someone attractive and your friends just don’t see it at all. You’ll more than likely buy a mask and love it but then fall out of love with it for some other mask… Bizarre as it sounds it really is tantamount to a relationship… without all the baggage… LOL.
You can’t go wrong with a Psycho… One of the more classic masks IMO and it still holds up well. Anything from Nightowl of Nikolas Art Gallery… You really can’t go wrong starting there and with a Psycho you’re more than on the right track.