Is Halloween more difficult to license than other horror?

I’ve been following along with the saga of Neca Toys attempting to reaquire the license to make Halloween collectibles on Twitter. This is the company that made The Night He Came Home set, as well as the pack with Myers as a child in his clown costume.

Now, they want to make a whole slew of new products, to go along with lines from Freddy, Jason, & Leatherface. For a long time, they were unable to get so much as a return call.

Now, after working with Malek Akkad for quite some time, Randy (the production director at Neca) has given up, saying they have been unable to reach an agreement that works for both parties. They have obviously been able to work out deals for the other horror icons, even Hellraiser & the Halloween franchise in the past. Is there anyone here with insight as to why it is more difficult to strike a deal to make Michael Myers merchandise now?