Is MM ever coming to Canada?

Hi just curious does anyone know if a halloween convention is ever coming to Canada? more specifically Toronto?
or do they have any horror themed conventions around here?
where we could have actors, different studios and their masks etc. like what was seen on the 25 years DVD that would be so cool!!

it would be cool to have a michael myers /halloween convention here given the fact that there are alot of fans out here.


You want Toronto? You got it! This August bud:

Yeah the Festival of Fear put on by Rue Morgue is lots of fun. They usually have some pretty good guests and lots of stuff for the horror fan to buy.

thanks for the replies guys , i know about the big August Fanexpo i have been attending for 9 years now and i love it, but i guess i meant like a michael myers themed convention or specifically horror type convention like the ones they have in the states, where i could meet and greet with all the actors and even with known mask makers etc.
if not someone should start making plans to do one because there are a number of us here that are big fans also. just a thought

The only Halloween con is the X amount of years of terror conventions. You would have to ask Sean from SSN if there will be another one.