It's a little Minty in my kitchen!

Thats a killer mask…What kind of hair is on that copy?Is it alpaca?

Nice :rock:

I have no idea. Maybe WarLocK can chime in, since he’s the one who finished it.

very nice Dren! :rock:

Looks great Matt. Nicely done eyes.

I’m pretty sure Chad did them too. I traded for this mask as it is now, so I don’t know everything on it. It’s Nik’s personal copy I think.

That’s a perfect looking mask, congrats!

Love the mint! :rock:

Yeah bud - believe it or not all I did was repaint/weather that one. The hair and eye cuts are all NAG.
It did seem to be an Alpaca-type. I think it could be killer w/ a rehair though. That is copy #1 right?

Lucky kitchen!! Heheh! :drinkers:

Yep, got a #1 on the inside. Honestly (and no offense to you Chad) it will at least be getting rehaired. Not sure about a full repaint though because I really do like what you did with the paint.


congrats on a killer score matt! the mint is yet another mask out of many i would love to own.

Oh this is nothing new. But thanks.

Nice shot Matt!! :smiley:


cool shot! mmmmminty.


Very cool shot!

Excellent mask Matt, I would love to see more pics!

Looking at these pics, I feel a tinge of regret over selling mine…