It's been awhile..

Hello everyone. I hope all is well… I’ve been lingering on and off here reading and trying to catch up. Just crazy busy… I just picked up this ps78 from Nik… It just came in… Kudos to Nik for another awesome H-1 creation… This one caught my eye on his facebook page and again, he doesn’t disappoint and his communication is top notch. Thanks again Nik. :slight_smile:

Hey welcome back Jason! Nice seeing you around. Congrats on the sweet pickup :rock: :pumpkin:

Thanks brother, hope all is well!. I had to scratch an old itch lol… I see some changes around here but that’s to be expected. How’s life treating you?

Welcome back Jay! Lets see that sucker worn with your classic costume shots. :drinkers:

Thanks brother! I have to dig them up, I’ve moved since I last posted costumes but I think I know which box in the garage they are in… Hmmmmm…:thinking::laughing:


Looks amazing! :smiley:

Life is good here J-man thanks! Still crazy knee deep in Myers collecting after all these years. So you moved huh? Still my neighbor here in IL?

Great mask man, it really nails the Castle “lip pucker” better than a lot of masks I’ve seen.

Welcome back, Jason!!! I miss the old days seeing your great H78 & Stab pics.

Yup, still here. I didn’t move to far. My little guys aren’t so “little” anymore. We had to find a tad more space. Nothing like still paying Illinois taxes… Boo. :-1::laughing: I see you’re still rockin this board with your awesome shots. You were always the master of costume shots… :sunglasses:

Thanks brother, great times… When the board was evolving into what it is today… Fun memories… :smiley:

Thanks… I had an itch I just had to scratch… Old feelings never die…:laughing::grin:

Thanks. :blush::jack_o_lantern:


Thanks J! Yeah I hear ya man…
We’re not “The Land of Lincoln” anymore more like “The Land of Leaving” thanks to the crooked politics :neutral_face:

Welcome back man. Do you still have your old AHG/H78?

my dude!!! welcome back to the board!!! just like old times man and a great score!!

Nice pick up. That’s a great mask. This thread is full of “old school” members. Feels like I just went back in time. And it feels good. This is how I wish it still was around here.

Welcome back dude! Your H78 shots are some of my faves to this day. :mrgreen: