Its getting closer kiddies!

Halloween is right around the corner!! Heres my Mayhem HIII Pumpkin and Mint 75 to celebrate early. :smiling_imp:

Can’t wait its almost here the best night of the year watching Halloween right not on AMC FEARFEST!

love that H3 pumpkin Brandon :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Nice one brotha!

Thanks K. Your boss is the boss lol

Love that pumpkin, and the mask is sweet too lol…Dean

Took the day off work especially.

Shall be carving pumpkins, making my significant other endure hours of horror movies (Saving the best until last) and might even make a short fan film if I get time…

Best time of the year, by far.

I can’t wait!!

Cool pics, Brandon. How have you been, buddy?

Not the best honestly

I am sorry to hear that. Give me a call tomorrow so we can talk.

Sweet stuff Brandon. Call me if you ever wana talk man.

thanks guys