Its time...its time...winner announced!!!!!

Hello Boils and Ghouls! Our beloved Holiday is fast approaching, and I thought I’d do my annual giveaway a lil early. Up for grabs is an original H3 Lobby Card #2.

All ya gotta do is write a poem that really makes me think of Halloween (the holiday) and its traditions. Search your youth for this one gang. I look forward to your submissions. :smiley: :sunglasses:
I will accept entries as long as there is interest, for a week or so.

Thats it! I will chose my fave and, the lobby card is yours. :smiley:

Oh, and Happy Halloween

I do want to stress, I want original Poems written by yourselves. Thats what makes em even better. :sunglasses:

Pumpkins glow and children cheer
Halloween is almost here
I dim the lights and watch the glow
twisted thoughts begin to flow
Witches, goblins, ghouls and ghosts
all these things we love the most
store shelves hit with tricks and treats
and scary masks the kids find neat
the night is upon us, to celebrate
a holiday that is purely great
the time of year that many fear
a time that others are glad is here
a time to sit along the hay
and tell stories of this sacred day
a day once full of wraiths and spectres
now a day for ghoulish lectures
to follow the rules and check your candy
and always keep a flashlight handy
remember the rules and follow them well
to repel the evil some say from hell
a day for costumes and lots of goods
a day when monsters lurk the woods
after this day the fun will go
its almost time for the icy snow
but when you sit beside your fire
its always the day that you desire
so watch a movie and hear the screams
in your head its always Halloween

The Nights of Halloween
“I see the seasons starting to change.
The leaves start to fall.
The skys grow clearer.
The moon is full.
The nights grow cooler.
These are the nights of fall.
I start to see jackolanterns with faces appear.
I realize Halloween is near.
People start up for the night of All Hollows Eve.
These are the nights of Halloween.”


It’s that time again to put ur costumes,
and to go door to door for some candy,
and have a scare! To have fun and cheers, and
u know who will be there,
oh of course Michael Myers will be there to be a scare!

that was stupid i think. lol

Great entries guys. :smiley:


The moon is full, we are in for a fright,
As ghouls and goblins are trick or treating tonight.
A classic creature I am, roaming around the block.
I recalled Charlie Brown’s costume, he got a rock.
“Trick or treat” dear ole lady, as I’m Frankenstein,
I get 3 pieces of candy, all favorites of mine.
The hours go by, the night is getting late,
I walk home alone, wondering what awaits.
The wind is howling, I hear whispers from the tree,
I feel a presence close by, someone lurks behind me.
Continue on I do, with my pumpkin in hand,
The light behind me reveals the shadow of a man.
I quicken my pace, as the figure draws near,
My heart is beating faster, I am engulfed in fear.
I run to the next house and take a look back,
The street is empty, I am safe where I’m at.
I ring the doorbell, for one last treat,
A hand lays upon my shoulder, dropping my candy to my feet.
I am too scared to look, I know this will be bad.
Turning around, opening my eyes, it was just my freaking dad.
I exhale with relief, as the trick was on me.
My dad hands me my candy and says, “Happy Halloween.”

Here’s my Halloween Haiku:

Dark Halloween night,
Knock on the door, trick or treat!
Serious? Apple?

Jack-o lanterns glow on Halloween night
filling the darkness with a smile of delight.
Children run by withought a worry
speeding to each house in such a hurry.
Candy bags scrape the ground by their side
as whitches on broom sticks are above in the sky.
Ghost and monsters fill you with fright
on our most glorious occasion known as Halloween night.

Halloween is here today, Michael Myers’ time to slay,
with white mask and blood streaked knife he’ll stalk you down and steal your life.
He’ll think nothing of it, in the shadows he’ll wait,
his thirst for death he cannot sate.
Staring blank at his victim with eyes of black,
they cannot defend from his violent attack.
He killed his sisiter in 63’, he stood in the street and didn’t flee,
no emotion or conscience he’s not like you or me.
The asylum couldn’t hold him, he escaped to get out,
when he’s on his victims they can’t even shout.

…And that is all I can come up with.

Very Cool of you to do this Todd.

Here is a favourite:

Black cats and goblins and broomsticks and ghosts, covens of witches with all of their hopes. You may think they scare me. You’re probably right. Black cats and goblins on Halloween night. Trick or treat!

Leaves change to red and the air becomes cool
Pumpkin seeds sprout as children leave school

Wearing the masks that disguise their true selves
Passing by costumes shops while workers stock shelves

Streamers, balloons, all for good fun
Preparing for parties, there’s much to get done

Set out the candy and apples for bobbing
Large bowls of punch and popcorn for popping

Ghosts and goblins are soon to arrive
In hopes that their victims will fail to survive

The night grows dark while the moon becomes full
Creatures arise and werewolves will drool

Witches set out upon magical brooms
While mummies awake and exit their tombs

The party’s now full, it’s surely a bash
As Drac and Frank dance to the Monster Mash

Children’s bags become heavy as they slowly walk home
Skipping to the sounds of a zombie’s moan

Witches, ghouls, were they all real?
Did the werewolves succeed in finding their meal?

Did the mummies awake from a lifetime of rest?
Did Frankenstein receive a jolt to his chest?

On Halloween night, it can be hard to tell
If demons are myths or come straight from hell

Looks are deceiving, it’s a night full of pranks
“One good scare” is nothing to waste

The night’s almost over, the sun’s soon to arise
November is approaching, but please, dry your eyes

I assure you the time will quickly pass
To dig out your costume and put on your mask

The leaves will change back, but it will not be long
Before red will return and the green will be gone

The time will soon come when the bonfires burn
And the spirits on earth, once again, can return

Happy Halloween!

the glow of jack o lanterns,draws me in its eyes
as i walk up to the door to collect my candy prize.
I yeLL TRICK OR TREAT!..and present my pillow case to the man,
he gave me lotsa choclate bars and i check and see what brand.
the orange leaves are floating by,the air is crisp and clear,
the moon is full,and what i fear is my change is coming near.
now entering the forest, moonlight showing me the way
the fire thats inside me,burns like the sun during the day
pain drops me to my knees as i feel my forming jaws
my fingertips erupt with horiffic sharpened claws
my ears grow long,my teeth do too my chest grows wide and strong
my hunger now is growing and i know my thoughts are wrong
thick coarse hair is spewing from my persperating pores
thank goodness fools hear TRICK OR TREAT and open up there doors. :smiling_imp:

“Halloween to Me”

I know it by the sounds…
the cackles and laughs of children haunting, candy corn being tossed around in a bowl
I know it by the feel…
an ancient breeze that electrifies my body and speaks to my soul
I know it by the colors…
the autumn trees, decorations and the amber glow of the sun
I know it by the sights…
white sheet ghosts dance, witches cast spells and a black cat runs
I know it in my heart…
I remember mom making a fuss and grand-dad’s approving smile
I’ll never forget…
my memories of the Samhain season that I saw through my eyes as a child

We wear our masks and play the part,
Of myers that is hes in our heart,

We take our pics and share them too,
of cool ass mask and our myers costume,

Halloween is our favorite time and season,
When we all rise up for the same reason,

Then to our horror who puts up a fight,
Trancas that is, trying to ruin our night,

We are their fans and we buy there stuff,
But they will never respect us enough,

We will not lay down and we shall prevail,
If you dont like indy mask you can go to hell…

My favorite!

Great entries gang! Keep em coming!!! :smiley:

Thanks samhainslasher,
I thought it was very fitting for all we have been through…

Winner is puckface Scott! Congrats man, and great poems everyone. it was a tough choice. Scott, pm me your shipping info. :smiley: :rock:

Wow, bro. Thanks so much! To be honest, I’m happy just to hear you liked my little poem. I’ve never really done much writing, so maybe this will boost me in that direction?

Thanks again man, very much!