Ive got the rarest myers mask ever!!!!!! 8/23 pics!!

SOOO… I’m excited I finally was able to get the man, the main reason we all come here, To sign my nightmare!!!..Yes I’m talking about the great one, the shatner signed… My mask!!! He was a little off guard but he did it lol. Ill post pics later but as of now now I gotta run into work and I wasn’t able to get a photo of him signing it tho :confused: but ill post the mask and sig :slight_smile:


Thats awesome. Congrats bro.

Incredible dude, congrats! Now lets see some pics!!!

HAH This must be a first! Congrats man!

Very cool, Can’t wait to see some pics of that!

Here’s a quick one from my phone. Hopefully it shows up and I don’t think I’ve heard of him signing one before :slight_smile:


Cool man.Where did you see him at to get his signature?

Very cool!

He was doing a signing at wizard world in chicago so I was able to get him there. And linda Hamilton and michael bien from terminator.

Never heard him sign a Myers before.
Bet it did surprise him :laughing:
You should’ve took a pic of him holding it.

His people were barely letting you talk to him the were rushing people by so fast… I don’t think he could even realize what was going on lol…

Dude that’s so cool. Haha I would love to see his face when you slid it to him.

He actually said what “the heck is it” (say it in your best shatner voice) made me laugh then he paused and signed it he took a quick look at it . it more reminded me of seeing santa in the movie a christmas story it was in and out. The elfs got me thru quickly

Can you post some more pics? Ones that show the mask itself with the sig visible too

Sure let me post some when I get home that last one was a quick one from my phone. Foill use my camera and get some real nice ones.

Pics added

That is awesome! Where did you meet him, Brad?


awesome bro!!


Thanks guys he was at wizard world chicago. Along with a ton of other celebs signing, its shifting more towards a autograph and merch show than a comic show there was no big names there, marvel ,dc, darkhorse all not there.