James Carter

Hello everyone.
I have a question about James Carter, i would like to know if he still take order, i don’t want to rush him and i know it’s a very busy guy.
I have already send a message to him the last month, i don’t want to bother him.
I have an idea but don’t know if it’s possible, i pay Nikos for the blank and James for the conversion, Nikos send the blank to him and i wait for my turn, i can wait one year, is not a problem for me but if he can just take the blank while waiting my turn.

I would like to apologize in advance, i don’t create this thread for say something bad about James, i know he have a life, childrens, wife, if he can’t take an order i understand.

Hey man, no worries at all and I mean that! I have been very busy and a bit slack with replying to PMs lately… yes, I admit it! :blush: Hopefully I will get to all PMs tonight after everything slows down for the evening… IF everything slows down :confused: :laughing:

Huge thanks James, you are the best :smiley: