JC/99/H2 Arrived!

I just got my new JC/99/H2 in this weekend. I was totally speechless when I opened the box… still am! This is what I’ve always wanted in an H2. The details spot on! Thank you James!!! :drinkers:


JC sent me these before shipping…

Snapped a few of my own when I got it…

Oh…I want :mrgreen:

VERY nice, love these 99 H2s! :rock:

That mask looks amazing, James REALLY killed that one!!! (when doesn’t he??? hahaha…

Congratz on the score!!

Cody :rock:

In my eyes the best H2 period. Amazing score bra’. :rock:


Awesome score!! :rock: :rock: Congrats!!!
The magic that James does on these 99’s is out of this world!!

:open_mouth: you are one lucky s.o.b.
congrats on that beauty :rock:

Big Congrats on this score Ash! :smiley:
This mask can do it all when it comes to H2. :rock:

Love this shot and congrats on a super score… The weathering is perfect!!

Awesome mask, fantastic work as always Mr C and that shot looks like it could pass for a 75. Mint!

Congrats, that is one sick mutha! Now throw on some coveralls and head out to some hospital on Halloween :laughing:

So siick!
James is a monster

Did you feel like you were sent the original mask through a time machine from 1981 when you opened it? I sure did when I got my H2 back from James.


james+99 = best h2 around. great score tommy

CONGRATS! That is one KILLER mask. Absolutely PERFECT!!! :drinkers:

those 99’s look damn good when James gets his hands on em. Great score before the big day!

Perfection expressed in Latex !

Congrats !

It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Congrats man, & James…another masterpiece my friend. :drinkers:

WOW! Congrats man! That is such a sweet looking mask! Great work as always JC! :rock: