◄JC HIRO Costume Shots Added►

I finally got around to taking some shots that I’m pretty happy with and I feel they do James’ work justice. I have to say that I LOVE this mask and it’s now my grail.
Once again I want to thank Mr. James Carter. Your not only a good friend, but a true artist. I stare at this mask everyday and it makes me feel that Halloween is upon us. I wish I could sleep with it under my pillow :sunglasses:
OK…you want pics…you got pics…so buckle up…this thread is pic heavy…not quite as much as a Jimmy thread :unamused: but it’s pic heavy.

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The JC Trio

Outdoor shots are pure gold :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
A sight to behold! great pics Nick :rock: :rock:

Those are fantastic shots my brotha!!! I love your Hiro son. Those outdoor shots are money! :sunglasses:

Congrats Nick and great lineup. I love it and not a bad one in the bunch. Great pics!

Thanks fellers!!
Costume shots coming soon :mrgreen:

Beautiful mask bro! :smiley:

Great shots Nick, and some JC candy is always nice to see :drinkers: :rock:

my god that thing is PERFECT!!! i need one brother. incredible piece!


fantastic pieces!!

Whooo Hooo…thanks guys!!! :rock: :rock:

really cool pic you have here, that masks is something else congrats.


H1 Perfection right there Nick :open_mouth: Wow! Congrats bro and wonderful job James :rock: :rock:

Mmmmm, now you owe us costume shots!!

Alright son, give us some costume shots. Dying to see them.

James is the man!!! Awesome score Nick!!! I love the shots of your “BIG THREE” JC 99, N.A.G/JC MM 78, and JC HIRO, outstanding lineup indeed brother. I’m pretty confident that’s one of the, if not the best HIRO on planet earth, lol. Congratulations on the massive score Nick, I look forward to seeing this mask in several “Pics of the day” threads. Oh yeah, did I mention James is the man??? …ANDY

JC did a bang up job on that. Very nice piece!

good damn shots brotha!!! awsome score. big ups to James

Awesome score Nick!! Congrats brotha :drinkers:

Sweet pic’s…Dean

Thanks guys!!! Costume shots coming soon!!