JC KHU H1! Worn Shots Pg. 1!!!

Here is a picture James shared on Facebook yesterday, the mask is his first Ken Hertlein Ultimate. Super stunning this one, especially in person, thanks again James for making this October extra special.

Photo Credit: James Carter aka JC_70

Beautiful! Been wanting to see him do a KHU for so long! Now need to see him do his H2 magic on one!

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Beautiful work as always :slight_smile:

Straight up beautiful Sean!:jack_o_lantern:

I would love to see him do one H2 style, not that Ken’s work is bad on them.

Thanks everyone for the compliments!

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U should definitely post more pics man I been dying to see him do one As well !!! It looks fantastic man !!

I will once James posts the rest of his pictures. It’s an awesome mask.

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Any worns?

My bad

Finally got the go-ahead from JC, so here are some worn pictures and also a display shot. :drinkers: :rock: :pumpkin:

Great shots Sean! :jack_o_lantern::+1:

Thanks Jay, by the way I ordered myself some shirt from that site we talked about. Had to get me some House by the Cemetery shirts lmao.

God damn if that isn’t a sick mask.

Thanks brother, love this thing so much. I don’t think it gets any better haha.


Need to see more of it worn in full costume!

I will do some costume shots here in the near future.