finally got around to uploading some pics of my MonsterMania swag from last month.
Got to meet the master himself and have him sign my mask and update my PJ Soles/JC pic. He was cool but almost seemed like he wanted to be somewhere else. Got to meet the Boondock Saints, they were really cool.
Then went over to Dick Warlock’s table. There was a small crowd in front of it so i was just layin back when i met Jim (theshape1188)
cool guy , dressed up wearing his Psycho , great copy too and it’s the first time i saw one in person.
All the sudden Dick stands upright and is looking dead at me with a serious look on his face and procedes to walk right at me :open_mouth:
I’m thinking, is he confusing me with someone he doesn’t like, whats going on? He comes right up to me and starts writing on my HIII shirt :laughing: It’s one of my favorite shirts to wear around Halloween but i guess i wont be wearing it anymore, time to hit up Ben for a new one.
After signing it Dick said " that ones a freebie, but the next one you gotta pay for" So i had him sign my Lunatic opposite JC. What a cool guy, i wish i had more time to hang out with him and chat.
Anyway heres some pics

and some new Loon pics


Awesome! Cool story about Dick. He is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. His wife is sweet too. :smiley:


Damn you lucky ******. :smiling_imp:

Hey that’s awesome. Dick’s a cool guy, even if he “ruined” your shirt! :laughing:
Nice to have a J.C. autograph as well!

Good for u man. I like that Lunatic there :slight_smile:

Very cool story bro. Dick seems like a cool guy.

Sounds like a blast & looks awesome! :drinkers:

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

that signed H3 tee is badass :rock: :rock:
Big congrats!!
You always take great Luney pics :sunglasses:

congrats bro that’s awesome :rock:

Thanks for all the comments

Dick’s a great guy man and that was SUPER cool!
Love that Looney too, one of my favorite copies I’ve seen. Congradulations on what sounds like an awesome time!