John Carpenter or RZ Halloween? oooo pure evil

So this might be a bit unfair posting this in the RZ forum, but I want to know what version you think is best and why? Personally I love both…as Im sure most people do, but Im interested to see if anyone prefers one to the other… :imp:

I love both, but I’d have to go with the original. Nothing beats it. However, if we were talking about Halloween (1978) and Halloween II (1981) vs. Halloween (2007) and Halloween (2009), I’d go with the Rob Zombie movies. I’m not really a huge fan of the original H2 for some reason. :smiley:

John Carpenters’ by far. To be honest, RZ’s films didn’t feel like Halloween movies. However, RZ H1 was pretty cool and well made. RZ H2 on the other hand was a train wreck… There were a few cool scenes though.

I think the masks from the RZ films are awesome though.

You hit it right on the head!!! Carpenters was alot better in my opinion!!! zombies H1 was pretty good movie!!! H2 sucked, the mask was awesome and the nurse killing was sweet to . But other than that it was a mess, I mean zombie… how many times did u want someone in this movie to say the “F” bomb??? Come on man try harder to make the movie better than to break a record on useing the “f” word in a film :laughing:

The original has been such a part of my life that it gives it the edge over Zombie’s. I am a fan of gritty bruital horror so Zombie’s version is still awesome to me, but Carpenter wins this one.

Omg I agree with you! I was so annoyed with the “f” word being used in every sentence!! When I heard about the remake of Halloween, I got so excited… And then I saw it, it just wasn’t the same. Too much blood and messy, I didn’t like Rob Zombie’s techniques. But it was not bad to watch but I still like John Carpenter’s Halloween much better!

John Carpenter’s ‘‘HALLOWEEN’’ the one and only!!!

i personally loved RZ halloween 1 and 2 better than the original first 2 the originals are good movies but there not as exciting as RZ are and me personally love RZ Halloween 2 i know some of you may disagree with me on this but i loved everything about it i loved michaels hobo look and all of his masks especially the hospital scene version and laurie just being crazy as hell and plus shes hotter in that one than in the first remake but hah yeah i love both RZ halloween remakes and i know a bunch of you may disagree with me but i think the remakes are way better than the original first 2

I am a huge fan of the Zombie films but there is no contest.John Carpenter’s Halloween is the best horror film of all time and will remain.It would be impossible,imo,to ever have those perfect circumstances and talent combined ever again.After all,there would be no Rob Zombie’s Halloween without the original.

I grew up watching John Carpenter’s original Halloween. IMO it’s been the hallmark of horror ever since. RZ Halloween was a good effort but the movie came off as sketchy and obscene. RZH2 is retarded and the hobo outfit is crazy. The thing that took the cake is since when does Myers grunt and speak!? The RZH2 mask was its only saving grace. Nevertheless, I’ll take that crap over the even more horrifying crap known as H8 with “busted” :laughing:

Definitely have to go with the classic John Carpenter. Nothing beats it… so awesome. However, I do like RZ’s take on it… he made it into a horror film for today’s standards. Now I really like RZ1 bc it gave the background of why Myers is the way he is and it was just a great movie… RZ2 loses my interest after her dream scene at the hospital. I love the mask in RZ1… RZ2 shows too much of his face… and the fact that you see his face in that movie kills the secrecy and mystery of the Myers character.

Carpenter’s by a far and wide margin. I know this is all opinion based but Zombie’s just has no style (Halloween II was nothing but a big acid trip), no creativity, and it has to spell everything out for you. That whole first hour of the movie showing Michael in a psych ward was ridiculous and unnecessary. It’s pretty much a given that he’s going to be evil. Always has been and always will be. Really he’s not even evil in the remake, he’s just a kid who’s angry because he’s picked on and his mom’s a whore. Pure evil Michael is the original Michael, who kills for no reason (or at least no given reason until Halloween 5). Pure evil should be unpredictable and unexplainable, something Zombie obviously did with his.

I kinda like how Mike looks all homeless in the RZ ones. Not a big fan of the mask rot, as they dont really rot like that. I also think the first couple carpenter halloweens had more suspense. RZ h2 I think would of been better without those dreams. Mabbe some kinda dream, but not the stupid horse ones. Sherri was prolly like “Find a way to get me into that movie” heh

When they started trying to have a reason for Michael’s evil is when the Halloween storyline started getting raped.Halloween 5 and on are VERY bad.H4 is far from good,but 5 on are just not Halloween films in my eyes.They destroyed the character of Michael Myers.It was milked and milked and milked.Michael being driven to kill and ultimately get to his sister in the original H2 is really as far as it should have went.Even that was just put into play to make a sequel and more $$$$$$$$$$$.

cause put the real vision of the sick person how dirty and violent can be so i go for the rz ones.

but i think the with out the original the rz version dosent exist.