Just a few shots from monster mania

Not to overload everyone so I’ll only post a few. I wish I would have stayed longer and contemplated going again this morning but we had to get back.

I also wish I would have taken some pics with Mike (kreationx) and Sam (HSS) to post. They were the highlights in the dealer room for me! Thanks guys. Next time I may take the whole weekend to really enjoy everything the con has to offer. BTW, anyone take a pic of the joker with the orange costume on Sat? That was by far the best costume IMO.

Good stuff man.Looks like you had a good time

Great stuff right there man.Congrats on meeting the man himself :rock:

Were you the guy with the telephone?

No, I had no idea who that was. They were just posing for pics and my fiance’ jumped in. I saw a few Myers costumes and wondered if they were mm.net members. I was there from around 930-230.

If you saw someone in an exposed RZ mask, that was me. I think I was the only one wearing that. That and a Part II Jason costume.

The ones I saw were H2(81) Myers. One while I was in line w/ DW and one when I was talking to Sam. The 3rd was the guy pictured with Jason. Anyone have a pic of the joker guy or the zombie cheerleaders?

:laughing: The Halloween II Myers was me. I was waiting in line to meet Warlock in my costume.

Awesome! I figured you were an mm.net member. You can usually tell by the mask someone is wearing. Most that only dress up and aren’t rabid fans like us where the DP store ones. I had the Warlock ZE a few in front of you (not in costume though). I was the one carrying around the coffe maker box. Another funny part is everyone thought I was really carrying around my coffee maker but I wanted a box that could hold masks and had a handle. It was perfect :smiley:

I was also in an h2 get up…I rocked the blood tears :laughing: I thought id see more h2 costumes

Maybe you were the other I saw. The costumes I saw were very nice!

Yeah I seen alot of cool get ups!

The Phone-Myers and Jason pt 3 costumes were mine. I try to put together costumes for people of screen accurate builds - even if it’s not me wearing them.

I also had a white ghost-style bedsheet and realistic glasses for the costume, but didn’t have enough time to fashion the glasses on so they wouldn’t fall off. We went as is.

In fact, this was the first time my costumes appeared in public.


Very cool! :smiley:

Cool stuff.

I was curious, what do these people say when they autograph your masks? Like “Who makes this one?” or “What mask is this?” or anything? I always wondered. I know Dick must be interested in the masks while John probably just rolls his eyes and shakes his head when you ask him to sign the mask in black instead of blue. His attitude cracks me up :laughing: .

Thanks. Actually, you are spot on. Dick noticed right away and shouted, “is that a Warlock” and then said “wow, how many different kinds are there now?” I was very impressed he was able to identify one from another (I had the ZE). Carpenter didn’t bat an eye. I think he was more interested in people that wanted autos for non Halloween things. It is almost like he dislikes the whole thing. Quick funny story: I actually ticked him off at the beginning. I was getting something signed and had a printout of where to get it signed and it said “please sign here.” Well, he grabbed the example and proceeded to sign the example. As politely as I could I told him that was the wrong thing and to sign the other actual pic. He paused and rolled his eyes and got very agitated. I don’t get nervous with celebs or anything but I actually got a little worried with him because he paused for quite a long time before proceeding. Thank God Erin Gray was there and explained what I wanted. He then proceeded to blow it off like it was no big deal but if you would have seen his face and attitude you would have thought I kicked his dog or something. A very cool guy in the end, though.

Another side story: He stepped out for a smoke and bathroom break. When he came back in he said something to the security guard about needing something. A few minutes later someone came in with toilet paper and paper towels. I would guess that his personal bathroom was out of both. Nothing groundbreaking but it was funny to see a more real life scenario (running out of TP) with such a profound figure.


BTW, great costumes. If you would have received royalties or something from people posing for pics, you would have made out like a bandit. We had to wait in line to get pics…Nice work! :mrgreen:

Glad you had fun, Matt! :smiley:

Those pics of JC and DW are just ace :rock: