just finished my RZ H1 (better pics posted)

I got it blank on ebay a couple months ago, not sure which RZ mask it is but it fits me perfectly, my first time hairing so it’s not as good as it could’ve been but I think I did ok, still some aging left to do on the hair and a little darkening overall to get it to work with the paintup.
UPDATE: better pics

For a first time i think you did a great job.

Looks great man - better than I could do for sure, I wish I knew what to do with the hair! :drinkers:

I wish I had pics of my first go at hairing this mask, it was borderline disastrous, the hair was emulating Richard Simmons in the worst kind of way, i’m still messing with the hair to get it looking better.

anyone else got feedback on this, i’m particularly looking for feedback on improving the hair.

That looks like the mask that handiboy did looks like there first attempt of the H9