Just got my NAG?WMP mask!

So excited I had to share!!


:rock: :rock: …amazing piece my friend! Do you order from Nik and send to WMP?

I bought it off of someone so I’m not sure. But I’m guessing that is the way to do it yes.

Ok I got a stand,messed with the hair,and stuffed it the way I like it. I’m pretty darn happy with it. :wink:

Awesome score, odeed! The 75k is an amazing mask for sure. And Chris’ work on that one looks superb. Congrats!


You bought it from me Jacob :slight_smile: Again, glad it went to someone who will appreciate it! Congratulations

Knewby, it was one of the first new mold NAG blanks. I sent it to Chris back in early 2013. This is the first new mold 75K that Chris worked on, and the second overall 75K that he ever touched.

Beautiful score odeed! Please post some more pictures soon.


Thanks for the love guys! And I’ll post more pics soon.

Looks Fantastic! Big Congrats dude

Ya cant beat a 75K and especially when a great converter gets their hands on it.
That U-tube vid is great! Straight up Hero :smiley:

Damn nice looking mask! Congrats on the nice score!

Video of me wearing the mask.

Great 75K, dude! Looks like Nick, Nik, and Chris took care of you. I really liked the vids as well.


Thanks Jake.

Love that Mask bro!!! … really has the movie vibe to it!!

Beautiful 75K, Man… Chris did an awesome job on the finishing! Loved both vids too! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the sweet score! …ANDY

A few more worn pics for ya…