Just ordered a Legendary 75 h1:-)

After telling myself i was done buying myers after purchasing a deranged 78 from Chris at wmp a few months ago I got sucked in and put in a deposit on a very nice looking mask called the Legendary 75 h1 version. I am thinking once i get this one ill be done with h1 masks for a while atleast lol! heres a pic of it incase some of you guys havn’t seen it

Looks like a very sweet accurate addition to your collection. Do you know who made/makes it?

Congrats, I can’t wait to see pics of these hitting the boards.

Chris Moran (White Mask Productions) makes them. They are stellar masks.

awesome addition…its gonna be a agonizing 12 week wait for you bro…im 8 weeks in on a 12 week wait for a nightstalker, and its killing me.

yeah thats very true! but it will totally be worth it as chris does awesome work on evey mask he makes :smiley:

awesome Man, i just made a full purchase last night on a legendary 75 H1 & a PHOENIX H2 i cant wait… :smiley:

another cool shot that got me hooked on ordering one :slight_smile:

I’ve been to the WMP website and there is no gallery, no list of masks, no nothing. So how would one know about any of these offerings?

you have to register to see the masks and forums

very sick score! :rock:

The Pheonix is a H3 Concept mask bro.

What are the biggest differences between this and the nightstalker? they look very similar. Is it mainly the eyecuts? Either way, fucking phenomenal mask man, nice score!

Chris hired a sculpter to retool the nightmare mask to make the features more sharper and accurate. its going to be a anxious 12 week wait but it will be more than worth it im sure :smiley:

And a legendary one at that, eh Fellow Citizen D.? :wink:

Yea it will be a longggg 12 weeks lol, but well worth it. Be sure to post pics, i’d love to see some.

Hi there…

Deliverytime is now approx 12-16weeks… :open_mouth: :frowning: guess he gets plenty of orders or its just because christmas is around the corner??sweet masks they are but is it just my laptop having bad color/picture accurasy or what…they look kinda grey/silverish white,with overtones of the silver colour??? :confused: correct me if im wrong here but…thats how they appear at my laptop…

i’m waiting aswell…CANT WAIT…LOL :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

A very great choice indeed.
Chris is killing these things.

Congrats… I have a H2 version on order… The wait is half the excitement for me, makes it feel more special when you have to wait for it to be made. :drinkers: