Just stumbled across this!

I found this looking for the cover for HalloweeN H20: Twenty Years Later on Blu-Ray. I think this cover looks better than original cover :rock: Anyways, I stumbled across this and I found it pretty funny :laughing: I don’t like H20 so much because of it’s “Scream” type feel. Resurrection also had a bit of this which is one reason these two films are my least favorite in the series. Anyways anyways ( :laughing: ), here’s the link.


Sweet cover! I love H20, one of my fave movies of the series.

I know dude! Did you read that? Regardless of your tastes for the movie it’s pretty funny how similar it is to Jaws: The Revenge :laughing:

Lol, yeah, that definitely gave me a chuckle!

i own this on blu-ray too, have you noticed the menu on the disc uses the H8 theme lol i’m so glad they scrapped the KNB mask it’s horrible.

it’s wierd they used the H6 mask at the beginning lol

Haha That’s the response I was looking for :smiley:

That mask on the cover resembles my DP85 :laughing:

That made me laugh :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: -tom.

This is to funny! Reading this does make H20 seem like a total rip-off. Its got to be a coincidece!

Hahaha, pretty funny stuff. :laughing:

lol im not sure if they just caught the idea from each other but that was pretty ironic haha

I think I’ll pick one up. :mrgreen:

funny how said scream feel i believe that the school in h20 was the ending location for scream 3 (the mansion),anyways i like the cover better but the mask on it and the knife looks ridiculous. :laughing:
i didnt like the film so i wouldnt waste money on it ,why wreck it just use a stunt mask and a detailed hero for close ups :imp: