Just want to inform you guys.......

That Matt got his SS back but he threw it away.

Whaaaaaaaaat??? He better not have! Damn! :angry:

Being stupid as I am, whats the SS:?:

WHAT?! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

that’s messed up that matt would do that. after a couple mods and many members went through all the trouble for him to get his mask back :imp:

second stab

Couldn’t have said it better.

If that’s true that is absolutely pathetic. So much time wasted on the deal by so many people. It may have been better off with the crook who tried to steal it instead of sitting in the trash.

:open_mouth: No comment.

This is straight up BS!!! :angry:

OHHHHHHH :blush: WOW Anyone who whould throw away a second stab in my book is just… :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

If this is true, I’m gonna be VERY pissed off for the many hours I’ve spent going back and forth with both parties. Vader45, tell Matt to get his butt on here and explain. (since you see him on tinychat)

Any proof he did this? It would be nice to see before everyone gets all pissed about it.

That’s like a very big kick in the ass to whoever fought to get the ss back…what a butthole!


I hope this is not true. I, along with a few others, went above & beyond to try & get that mask back for him.

Agreed. I know everyone here was hoping for him. Half of us messaged the guy repeatedly to give Matt’s mask back. This would be a real shame. :cry:

Vader i hope you have your facts right here because if not this could seriously backfire on you for starting something thats entirely false,on the other side of the coin if this is true im so disgusted at the actions of Matt,Todd and many other mods and good members here played there part in doing all they could to help get that mask back to him and now all of that is just being thrown right back in the faces of all involved and its the biggest disrespect ever to the good people of this community who try there best to help out someone in a helpless situation,im furious if this is true and like i say i’ll be just as furious if this turns out to be false information Vader. :imp: :imp: :imp:

Probably the best thing said yet here. Matt needs to get here…NOW

Bingo brother.