just wondering

Not to start a huge problem or argument… but it seems the all these maskes are beginning to look exactly the same. the destroyer, buried, unearthed, etc

im guessing they all come from the head. is there away i can get a comparison pic of all 3 of these??? im just a bit confused, correct me if im wrong and im sorry if i offend anyone, but i read through some post and i seen a few and i read one that said the buried had some competition…but they look exactly the same…so im just wanting to know exactly how close these all look to each other… and again im not tryin to make some big argument…


I would post some side by side shots but im no good with the whole line em up side by side, photoshop comparison stuff. they all do look quite similar, but are very different. Its in the fine details my friend.

yah man i noticed the nose on urs is different,and the head scar too, there all good mask esp the paint work on all of them! mouth mostly is what caught me, but good work on all of them none the less i just see a lot of posts bout the buried and unearthed. and a comment that caught my eye. but paint work looks unique on each one

That’s a good question bro. :rock: :rock: As for offending someone :laughing: I Don’t see how it possibly could. LET’S SEE SOME COMPARISON SHOTS GUYS!!! :mrgreen:

The nose on mine is a little different, because i went by screen caps alot when sculpting. I wanted the mask to capture a few scenes that i felt the Buried and Unearthed didnt capture. I also felt that the forehead scar on the buried and Unearthed was too small for my liking, accurate for a preproduction unworn mask, but not later in the movie after the mask is stretched IMO. As far as the mouth, im not sure, the only thing i really changed around the mouth were the scars on the bottom lip. With that being said, i think the Buried and Unearthed are both kick ass masks, but i feel that they were sculpted to look like the masks sitting on Wayne Toths table during pre production, and i wanted mine to look more like a few scenes in the movie. Thats all. I wasnt trying to make a Buried or Unearthed replica.

posting pics side by side pics and comparing to screen shots isnt going to hurt my feelings at all. Hell i would like to see it. the masks look so different throughout the movie, and even the ones sitting on Toths table look different. its all in the eyes of the beholder. I myself prefer mine, because i sculpted it to look like what i see when i watch the movie. Its my perception, from the response Ive gotten from my new mask, alot of people have the same perception i do. Some dont. Its ok. Im not at war with the other masks.

Good post bro :rock: I think we are lucky to have the RZ masks available to us today. Each one is a little different and thats a good thing in my opinion. Plenty of options that should please most collectors as we all see the mask a little different throughout the film.The Destroyer is a very nice example and deserves mad respect with it being a sculpt of your creation. We are all passionate about the things we collect and there will always be passionate debate. The key is to keep it respectful. Mike

I’ll be honest - it’s kinda hard for me to tell the difference in them. Granted, I don’t pay as much attention to RZ as I do JC, but they all look great to me. So, I figure whichever someone chooses will be just fine & make them a happy owner :drinkers: