Kills Trailer Leaked (link)

It’s a leak but it’s legit. Check it if you want.

Some of the dialogue soungs great! Looks like some major improvements in lighting and atmosphere from 2018. Although I am concerned - the Shape seems to be operating at a Rob Zombie H2 level of brutality.

Damn, that went down quick!

Here’s a backup

I love the way he kills the firemen, and how he escapes the house fire, I wish he actually did kill Allyson though, but she’s just gonna be wearing her plot armour

Removed again, damn.

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I won’t say much more than this since it’s not in the spoiler free section, but damn I hate that they revealed so much again. I try to stay clear of trailers for this exact reason. I’m just glad the characters have some development over the entirety of the first movie that can carry on into this one.

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Many people are saying the leaked theater version is different and included 2 Michael Myers in one scene… can anyone confirm this