Kirk vs Boogeyman Mask

Hello. I am new to the site. I am trying to get a rehuled MM mask and I’m down to choosing between 2. My options are the TOTS Kirk and TOTS Boogeyman mask. I think I like the Kirk more but know nothing about the size, so that’s my worry. I have tried on the Boogeyman at a local Halloween store and I think I likes the size. Does anybody know if the Kirk is similar in size to the Boogeyman or not at all? The TOTS 78 is way too big on me but the TOTS 2018 is a good fit if that helps. Just want to know the size before I spend the money. Thank you.

They’re not much different in size, the Boogeyman is the NightOwl Psycho mold and the Kirk is the night Owl Shat mold, go with the Kirk to get rehauled, cause it saves having to rework outdated eyecuts, plus it can look great with the right artist

Thank you!

Yeah the kirk is the better mold in terms of accuracy. There’s something about the Boogeymans eyecuts that seem off. They’re both pretty much the same size as well. I’m in the same boat. The TOTS 78 is honestly stupid for how big it is. The original hero was a kid’s mask if I’m not mistaken. The 2018 fits just fine. Wish TOTS would produce masks that are accurate to the size of the mask they’re based off of.

the original was 24" original Kirks have been measured

couldn’t agree more with you

Kirk all the way!
Kirk mask.jpg

Save your money and get a mask by an artist in the hobby. Not to be a jerk or anything, but those masks are a far cry from anything you can get if you are patient and willing to spend a few hundred dollars. It is worth saving a little more and getting something almost identical to the hero.

If by “stupid” you mean accurate to the DP Kirk and a size that fits the average male head size of 23-24 inches (look it up) then yes, it’s stupid.

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I don’t know anyone who’s head that mask fits. I’m about the same height and build of nick castle with about the same size head and shape and it’s still almost double the size of my head. The kirk fits me perfectly, and that’s supposed to be 23-24 inches which is the “average male head size”. The 78 is much bigger than the kirk.