Latest Spectre......

Hello there fellow fiends!
Long time no post, It’s nice to be back here. As busy as the studio is, I’m going to try and be more ‘active’ online as I have been last year or so. Were mega busy but I feel it’ll be good to post more so the gang can see what we’ve been busy with and I’ll start with this one…
One of the latest Spectres to ship. The finish on these masks have evolved a lot over the years. With this one I went for a quite simple classic look…

Man that is awesome, I love this one. Fantastic job

Great job man! :drinkers:

Damn!!! :open_mouth:

:rock: :rock:

Love it. Looks like an amazing h1.

The best Castle stretch mask out there in my opinion! That’s coming from a very proud owner of one

Couldn’t agree more! I have one as well, arrived a few months ago. They went a little heavier with the weathering on mine, and it is absolutely breathtaking.

Very nice! Is the Spectre the first H1 with a Castle stretch built in? It would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison of the Spectre, PS78, and the ID mask to see which is the most accurate Castle stretch.

No, the first ever built in Castle stretch was the Second Stab mask

Looks awesome - good to see you on here brother.