Let’s see your Nag Castle special edition

Nick not taking orders just yet. Can’t wait to order never mind waiting for it to be ready!

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My NAG 75K Castle SE is the one on the far left.

Here is my original Castle :smiley:

Amazing collection ! Brilliant masks

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Beautiful mask!

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You definitely won’t be let down! The masks he has been finishing himself recently have all been stellar and look awesome

Is the standard size 24?

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I believe the standard size is 23.5 but Nikos told me he could make a 24.5 copy for me without issue

Thanks that’s good news! Do you know exactly what date he will be taking orders again?

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Fantastic mask! Did you ask for any changes to it?

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He told me he was going on vacation and would be taking orders again mid-November!

Excellent thanks

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I didn’t, just told nik how I wanted the mask finished and let him do his thing. My request was lighter on the weathering more of a ghostly white look, and mist the hair a bit darker. It’s crazy how these masks can look so different in lighting and photos. I wish I could capture the look in person

okay here it is!

I absolutely love my copy!

Restuffed mine after wearing then powdering it down on Halloween. I really liked how these shots looked!

The third one in >>>

Nice mask! Is that 2nd mask your Creep?

Yeah man, I was going to sell it when I got it because I ordered the NAG. However, upon receiving it was not sure what I was thinking. There was a reason I ordered it and I remember as soon as I opened it. These are Halloween 1978 for me. Both great masks by different artists. But yes, sorry to ramble, that is my 2018 Creep direct from Justin.

:smiley: :myers: