Looking for an old mask

I sold this Cinema Secrets H8 mask from my collection last December or so as I was short on cash. I can’t recall the name of the person I sold it to, I no longer have his messages on here, but he said if I ever wanted to buy it back that he would be open to the idea. If you’re still on this site and still have the mask, I’d love to here from you! Even if you’ve changed your mind on it, just drop me a message to let me know! thanks.

Any luck in this buddy?

Not so far, but it’s only been a few hours. I’ll bump it here and there this week, see if anything comes of it. Had to make room in my inbox so I lost his messages, makes it harder haha

Very much! Was he a reg?

I’m not even sure. I was kind of a lurker back then, didn’t really notice

Right. Well good luck brother!